Document Imaging

Document ImagingDocument Imaging is one of the most powerful and advanced methods of managing, storing and retrieving paper records. Once paper or microfilm documents are converted to digital images, they are accessible via individual workstations, networks or through the Internet. This eliminates slow, labor-intensive retrieval tasks and cumbersome paper based storage. Since employees spend less time processing paper, more time can be spent on customer service, which will lead to greater customer satisfaction. Increased productivity will reduce costs and increase profits for your company. This is particularly true in an accounting environment when you want to collect your receivables faster. Many organizations have customers that make numerous requests for documentation before they pay an invoice. Imaging enables you to e-mail or fax the information from your computer without ever having to touch a single piece of paper. The benefits go on and on and on. Do you know how much paper is really costing you?


  • 90% of corporate memory exists on paper
  • 90% of pages that are handled in the office are merely shuffled
  • 50% of a Professional's time is spent looking for information and only 5-15% reading information
  • 7.5% of all documents are lost and 3% of the remainder are misfiled
  • It costs $25,000 to fill and $2,000 to maintain an average 4 drawer filing cabinet
  • Companies spend $220 in labor to reproduce a lost document, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document, and $20 in labor to file a document
  • 4 trillion paper documents are in the US alone, growing at a rate of 22% per year
  • The average document is copied 19 times
  • Source: Coopers & Lybrand

With document imaging, multiple users may access files at the same time as long as the administrator authorizes them. Confidentiality is assured when document specific security is enabled. In the event of a disaster, you can rapidly resume business because of inexpensive CD's that can be created and stored at multiple locations, each CD holding tens of thousands of documents. If your system is Web-based, the server may be hundreds or thousands of miles away and can be backed up to other servers.

Midwest Micro Imaging strives to produce competitive, cost effective imaging solutions from a basic CD archive to work flow. Imaging does not have to be the costly, complicated endeavor that many people perceive it to be. We can scan documents to any file format, including TIFF, JPEG, PDF, CAL and more. Microsoft Word, Word Perfect and PDF formats are available after Optical Character Recognition. Our top of the line OCR software preserves formats and produces accurate text to search and edit. If you have an existing imaging system, you can outsource the scanning and indexing portion to us and save even further on labor cost. back file conversion is our specialty. Enjoy the benefits of imaging and leave the "heavy lifting" of conversion to us.

Digital Preservation

If your organization is concerned about the performance of born digital or magnetic media that must be archived for more than 20 years, Midwest Micro Imaging has a cost effective, proven method of converting digital formats to a long-lasting, reliable medium. When correctly processed and stored, the ISO/ANSI-certified microfilm will be readable for up to 500 years.

By writing digital media, such as scanned images or ASCII text, to microfilm using Kodak's Archive Writer technology, you can be assured that true lifetime records will be available for decades. Magnetic media has been known to deteriorate over time and technological migration is always an issue. Also, the storage and back up of data over time is costly.

Once the retrieval rate for digital records becomes low or even inactive, they can be purged from the system and produced on microfilm for long term storage as required by law or company policy. This can be done with little or no maintenance except the proper environmental storage conditions for microfilm (i.e. temperature and humidity controlled).

This digital insurance for your information is the most efficient, reliable and cost effective tool available in records management.

Large Format Scanning

Midwest Micro Imaging scans engineering drawings, maps and any large format document up to "E" size. We can scan documents to any image file format, including TIFF, JPEG, PDF, CAL and 40 other file types.

We also scan continuous forms such as EEG's for hospitals and clinics as well as the old 11" by 17" green bar reports.


Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Scanning

Microfilm ServicesMidwest Micro Imaging has been a leading provider of micrographics services for 30 years. Our expertise enables us to work with the customer to provide the highest quality digitized film possible.

We have experienced microfilm processing professionals that can evaluate film and make recommendations as needed. Our high performance Sun Rise and Mekel film scanners and image enhancement software is second to none.

You will be able to incorporate existing microfilm into your imaging system, eliminate old, antiquated reader printers and utilize the fast, easy method of retrieving and printing film images via your computer.

We scan all microforms up to 400 DPI. 16 MM/35 MM roll film COM (Computer Output Microfiche) Jackets — 16 MM/35 MM Fiche — Step and Repeat Aperture Cards — Can be scanned with or without holleriths. If the cards are key punched, the index file name is the same as it appears on the cards at no extra cost. If not punched, manual keying may be required for indexing.

Data Conversion to Digital Media

The most effective way to handle computer-generated reports is to convert them to a digital format instead of printed media (paper), COM (Computer Output Microfiche) or an aging, expensive COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) system. Our cost effective high-speed conversion service is the fastest way to access and distribute computer data.

Digitizing reports that are archived online saves valuable storage space, eliminates paper and microfiche costs and makes information faster and easier to access. Once processed, reports are completely text searchable and can even include form overlays.

See the difference that converting your ASCII/EBCIDIC report files to a fully indexed, digital media, which can be accessed by multiple users, will make to your organization.

Microfilm Preservation

Midwest Micro Imaging offers complete micrographics services producing 16mm and 35 mm roll film, microfiche jackets and aperture cards. These microforms meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements for archival quality microfilm. Microfilm is a valuable tool for the long-term (up to 100 years) preservation and storage of current records and historical materials. Since microfilm is an analog format, technical obsolescence and migration is not a problem.

All one needs to access and read it is a microfilm viewer. This can help to minimize the cost of records storage, maintenance and retrieval. We can also preserve digital images to microfilm using Kodak's Archive Writer technology.

Records Management

Graphic of a ScannerWe are currently updating this section. Please check back later, or feel free to contact us.

Enterprise Content Management Systems

  • Imaging system
  • Alchemy Family
  • Electronic Document Management Software

Graphic of Mountains and Color CodeAlchemy software manages all of the documents and data that your organization must retain. It acts as an electronic file cabinet for your organization, where you can securely file and find every document, regardless of its original source.

Got paper documents? Capture, OCR, and manage it with Alchemy, any size and any form.

Mainframe reports? No problem. Microsoft Office documents? Bring them on. Adobe Acrobat files or email? Alchemy can.

Alchemy will manage from 1 to 1 billion documents. Every document is indexed for lightning-fast retrieval; including the full text inside documents. You can store the document repository on a single CD-ROM, on a server hard disk, or on a huge networked optical library. There is no other document management software that can start so small and grow so big.

Alchemy's search engine is legendary for resolving index field and full text queries within seconds, regardless of the repository's size or the age of the documents.

The best part about Alchemy is how it delights everyday users and administrators. It is quite simply the easiest document management software to deploy and use!

When software is easy to use, you save time and money.